5 Ways To Stay Close To God

We are living in a time where people are craving to restore relationships. Healthy relationships provide reassurance that you are loved, cared for and valued. The most important relationships we need to cultivate is our relationship with Jesus Christ. In 2012 Pope Benedict XVI shared the following message on Easter Sunday:

“A fruitful life comes from staying close to Jesus — Dear friends, every one of us is like a vine, which lives only if it is growing every day in prayer, participation in the sacraments, in charity, in its union with the Lord, and he who loves Jesus, the true vine, produces fruits of faith for an abundant spiritual harvest.”

So how can we remain close to God? In the next five posts, I will discuss 5 ways you can strengthen your connection to God. It is my prayer that you discover a renewed Spiritual and joyous relationship with God through these messages.

The 5 Ways To Stay Close To God are:

Activate Your Faith.
Listen For God to Knock.
Understand the Power You Have Been Given.
Be Humble and Draw Near To God.
Understand God’s Love For You.

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