God Saves

Psalm 55:16
As for me, I call to God,  and the Lord saves me.

As God increases your faith, He sometimes increases the time between your “crisis” and His rescue. By allowing a longer time span between crisis and aid, God helps you believe in, rely on, and depend upon Him.

Although you might occasionally have doubts of God’s faithfulness. I can say that He has never let me down. When I’m feeling insecure about life, He is always there, loving me, protecting me, and guiding me.

I know that everything will be all right and that whatever happens to me will be for my own good.

He says that “all things work together for good to them that love the Lord.” (Romans 8:28) And if you are His child, you know that everything happening in your life right now is allowed by Him and is somehow for your good! You may not know how, but you must trust that He will save you.

Stand firm in your faith and in God’’s promises. With Him on your side, you have nothing to fear. He will save you.

Are you letting God be your Savior?

2 thoughts on “God Saves

  1. This was very encouraging. I need to remember this when it seems like He’s taking a long time to come to my aid. It sure makes sense, though, that this would strengthen my faith and build endurance.

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