His Place

Two years ago I received a NKJV Bible for Christmas. I was elated. The words sounded poetic and fresh, with new meaning and insight. I wanted to read it from beginning to end.

On January first, I began to read; “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…” I read every night for several months. One to two chapters a night, with a few minutes to reflect on the words, gave me a sense of peace and helped me easily fall asleep.

In September I moved. A television was set up in my bedroom; I began watching it until I was tired. As a result, my nightly ritual of reading my Bible fell by the wayside. Oh, I read a few weeks, but then the temptation of the T.V. called, and I listened. My time of reflection got shorter and shorter until it all but disappeared. Occasionally I’d feel guilty, shut off the T.V., and pick up my Bible; but that time was rare.

Last week, I finally finished reading. I felt good about it, but sad that it took me so long. It made me realize how easily the modern world can over power our spiritual lives.

How many times you stayed home from church to watch a football game or golf tournament? Or watched a television show until you were too tired to read your Bible? Do you turn less to God then you used to because of earthly desires?

Today we need Him more then ever. His Comfort is powerful; His love is all-encompassing; He is our Savior.

Join me in returning God to His proper place—the top priority in our lives. Too often, other things have come first; it is time to reactivate our faith.

God Bless You

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