Prayer: Communication With God

Prayer is our way of communication with God.  It is an important aspect of our relationship with him. Like any relationship, communication is essential.

God wants a personal relationship with us and it is through prayer we develop that relationship.

Paul tells us in 1Thess 5:17 to “pray without ceasing. Therefore, we are to be constantly in contact with our Heavenly Father. With the various forms of prayer available, this is easy to accomplish.

First, there is the “formal prayer.” We use this one most often in church, before a meal, and–as a child–before going to bed. In formal prayer, we bow our heads, and clasp our hands in a show of reverence and humility. We pray for our wants, needs and whatever seems important at the time.

Second, there is the “prayer of praise.” These prayers are filled with joy and often expressed through song. You might not realize it, but whenever you erupt in a exuberant song of worship during your day, you are praying. The Book of Psalms, written by David, were prayers to God. Although we mostly read them, he wrote them as songs.

Third, you have the short, quick prayer. These are the “Thank You, God!” prayers, the “Praise the Lord!” prayers, and the “Please help me Father.” prayers. No doubt you have prayed these prayers many times.

How and when do you pray? Have you abandoned the “formal prayer” and rely on the informal ones? Remember prayer can and should be an important part of our life. Every Christian needs to have a solid prayer foundation. Take some time today and examine your prayer life. Do you need to reconect with God, or just connect more often?

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3 thoughts on “Prayer: Communication With God

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  2. “Take some time today and examine your prayer life” – what awesome advice, Ruth! I would also like to add how important it is to sit and listen to God during our prayer time. I so often spend my prayer time doing all the talking and I’ve learned that God has so many good things to speak into my heart if I just take the time to listen.

    As always, thanks for your inspiration and accountability you provide!

    • Yes! I am guilty of not listening, too. Anyone who knows me, knows I like to talk, unfortunately that also spreads to my prayer life. Thank you for reminding us of the importance of listening for God’s words during prayer time.

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