The waves gently swoosh onto the shore
Whispers of peace soothe my mind.

The surf washes away my concerns
Bringing a lightness to my heart.

A sense of comfort and peace abounds
The nearness of God assured.

His presence washes over me
Filling my soul and lifting my spirit.

I love the ocean. I remember my first glimpse of its massive size. I grew up in the heartland of the country; the only image I had came from books and television. I had no comprehension of how large and awesome the ocean really was. It was in my early twenties that I experienced its size first hand. Looking out to sea and realizing how big it was made me feel small. But, in that feeling there was also a sense of oneness; here was an extention of my soul. I felt the nearness of God in every wave hitting the beach, this feeling gave me peace and joy.

Now I live a couple of hours away from the coast and try to visit at least once a year. The short trip strengthens my connection to God and reminds me of His power in my life. The ocean waves soothe me with their peaceful whispers, refreshing and renewing my soul.

I’m anticipating my next coastal visit. My heart yearns for its cleansing properties; my soul yearns for its peaceful presence. I’m excited in the knowledge that in just a few days I will once again¬†experience God’s magnificent creation.

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