Understand God’s Love For You

The last, but not least important way to get closer to God is to understand His love for us. It’s amazing how God’s love has absolutely nothing to do with the world’s perception of love. God’s love is not tied to a condition or based off of something we’ve done. His love is unconditional. Unconditional love is:love without any limitations or conditions.

John 3:16 tells us that He gave His ONLY begotten Son for us! How many of us can actually say we would do the same?

The love Abraham had for God is the same love we should have for Christ. In Genesis 22:1-19 when God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, Abraham, although very sad, was ready to do it. Because of his obedience, God spared Isaac and provided a ram for the sacrifice.

When we struggle to believe that God’s love for us is greater than we could ever imagine or that He is faithful in keeping His promises, that’s unbelief. The cause of that unbelief is a lack of love.

Minister Andrew Womack wrote: “Galatians 5:6 says faith works by love. That means love is the driving force behind our faith. Remove or diminish love, and faith ceases to be what it should be. Many of us try hard to believe when we should be seeking a greater revelation of God’s love for us. Then, faith would just naturally work.”

Paul even prayed about being rooted and grounded in love in Ephesians 3:14-19 

Sometimes we may think God doesn’t love us because of our past actions. Sometimes we may even think He doesn’t forgive us for our mistakes. Untrue!  In Isaiah 43:25 God tells us: I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake; And I will not remember your sins.

Remember what Paul wrote in Romans 8:35-3: Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? As it is written: For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered. No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

By actively taking steps to do the 5 ways to get closer to God we talked about

Activate Your Faith,

Listen For God to Knock,

Understand the Power You Have Been Given,

Be Humble and Draw Near To God

we will better understand God’s love for us. He will not withhold this from us. We will know. God said that He would withhold NO good thing from us! Love is His greatest commandment. Accept that love today!



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