When I am weak, He is strong

When I am weak, He is strong audio

I’m trying something different, an audio version of this post. Since my voice is scratchy and may be hard to understand, I also wrote up a summary of the audio.

The verse I used was:
2 Cor 12:9
But He said, “My grace is sufficient for you, my power is made perfect in weakness.”

My faith has been challenged these last few weeks because of a lot of health problems. On top of the rheumatoid arthritis, I experienced other pains, nausea, and other problems that stretch my trust in God.

Paul “boasts” of his weakness in 2 Cor 12. I found that attitude comforting during my numerous doctor appointments and medical test.
I’m feeling better, but the journey was long and frustrating. By reading Paul’s words in verse ten, I was able to reset my focus on Christ.

That is why for Christ’s sake, I delight in weakness…For when I am weak, than I am strong.

Unlike Paul, I don’t “delight” in my challenges. I don’t see their purposes in my life. However, I have learned to accept them. (Most of the time.)

Father, thank you for the struggles and challenges you allow in our lives. For we know that You work all things for good if we love you and trust you. In Jesus’s name we pray. Amen

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